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Remise Recompenses Seg Geneve Jeudi 28 Mars 2024
28 March, 2024 à Genève

On Thursday, 28th March, the awards ceremony took place at the SEG in Geneva. I was rewarded for the successful season I had in 2023.

Sven Vineis 3eme Competition U23 Berlin 14 Janvier 2024
14 January, 2024 à Berlin

I finished 3rd in the U23 competition, securing my spot for the U23 European Championships.

2eme Coupe Du Monde Elite 8 Decembre 2023
8 December, 2023 à Vancouver

For my 2nd World Cup among the elite, I finished 2nd among the Swiss out of 245 athletes.

Soutien Ecole Chandieu 10 Novembre 2023 Berne
10 November, 2023 à Berne

A huge thank you to Chandieu School for making the trip to come and see me at this World Cup!

Sven Vineis Champion Europe Escrime U23
25 May, 2023 à Budapest

I won the title of U23 European Champion for the first time, my biggest goal of the season has now been achieved.

Sven Vineis Vainqueur Championnats Suisses U20 7 Mai 2023
7 May, 2023 à Morges

I finished as the winner of the Swiss U20 Championships, marking a successful conclusion to my final junior year.

Championnat Du Monde U20 à Plovidv 2023
9 April, 2023 à Plovdiv

We finished vice-champions in the U20 World Team Championship, defeated by Egypt.

Gain Meilleur Prix Espoir Suisse Par Equipe 31 Mars 2023
31 March, 2023 à Horgen

We have just been awarded the title of the best emerging team talent in Switzerland!

Sven Vineis Gagne Premiere Coupe Du Monde U20 Escrime 18 Fevrier 2023 Vrsac
18 February, 2023 à Vršac

I won my first World Cup U20 !

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